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AAU Circuit will consists of teams from 3rd - 12th Grade (Boys & Girls). This new platform for you, not only based on exposure for your players but your program as well! No more being treating like an irrelevant program that they put in the basement or on the last court where no coaches come to watch your team games and be able recognize your players. AAU Circuit offers showcase games with media coverage for all games (Live stream, reels, highlights, interviews, MADDBball TV, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter) helping promote your players and program

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Welcome to the Circuit

Our goal is to make you a mainstay on the AAU Circuit! By joining the circuit you we play all 4 stops which are local (NJ & PA) with the opportunity to play in the AAU Circuit Championships. This will provide you with the ability to play 2 showcase games (Total of 12) for each stop. Each division winner of the AAU Circuit Championship will receive free entry to Championships, bookbags, and trophies.
Plus programs and players will be able to purchase added coverage via our highlighted player and program feature.